Kaepernick Reaches Full Circle

Posted: January 31, 2013 in 49ers

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans SaintsHey Niner Fam, we made it! Now lets hope we WIN it. QUEST FOR SIX. Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write much lately, but I’ve been extremely busy with my job (that actually pays me, I wish being a full time fan would pay me) but next season I will try to get more articles written for our family to read! Thanks!

By now, every Superbowl storyline has been used and abused. I myself am writing this article with the hopes that nobody else has thought about it. Deep down inside, I know it’s been written somewhere on the internet.

It’s been almost two full NFL seasons since Kaepernick’s NFL preseason debut.  On August 12th of 2011, Kaepernick was sacked (4) times, and went (9-for-19 for 117 yards and 2 interceptions, not to mention 47 rushing yards on 6 attempts and 2 fumbles.) The Saints blitzed an absurd amount for a pre-season game, and in return, Kaepernick’s played poorly. He wasn’t to blame. He didn’t even have a full off-season to learn the playbook, and even less time to prepare for NFL defenses. That day, that game, must have left a mark on Kaepernick.

On November 11 2012, Kaepernick, who had taken over the reigns of the offense for an injured Alex Smith,  returned to the dome to face Drew Brees and a red hot Saints team. Kaepernick went 16 of 25 for 231 yards, a touchdown and a pic, in a 31-21 49ers victory. For most people, defeating the home team that embarrassed them in their house, would be enough to get that chip off their shoulders. Not for Kaepernick. Kaepernick needed to show the world that he can play, and at a very high level. He can read defenses. He can run the ball, and throw it better.

In the Divisional Round against Green Bay, Kaepernick showed the world that he can run. His record setting 181 rushing yards are the most by any quarterback in any NFL game. If that isn’t enough, Kaepernick showed he can also throw the ball by coming back from a 17 point deficit in Atlanta. Those who doubted him, quieted down along with the Falcon’s home crowd.

So how does someone who doesn’t settle, come full circle? If you ask most NFL Players, making it to the Superbowl would be enough to make anybody settling. Kaepernick is only one game away from being a Superbowl Champion.  Something tells me, he won’t settle for less.

-Evo Ray


2010-12 FMIC Kit Review


Who: Kia Hyundai Auto Repair

What: Bolt on Front Mount InterCooler kit

Measurements: 24’’x9’’x3’’  (stock 21’’x4 3/8’’x 3 ½’’)

12 Air paths vs 8 Air paths

2’’ Pipe all around

Whats included: Intercooler, 1 hot and 1 cold-side pipe, couplers and t-bolt clamps. Top and bottom i/c bracket.


What it does: Allows air passing through the intercooler to cool down quicker and increase flow.

Why: A major problem for the Hyundai Genesis coupe 2.0T is that the intercooler that comes equipped from the factory is too small. On hot days, the small intercooler will “heat soak”, becoming hot and not allowing the air flowing through it to cool down. Cooler air (especially on a turbo car) means better throttle response, combustion, and power. Heat is an engine’s #1 enemy. When the intercooler heat soaks, you are no longer cooling down the hot air coming out of the turbo and going into the engine.

With almost twice the cubic inches, (648 vs 330) and more paths for air to flow through, the KHARtunerz FMIC eliminates heat soak at an affordable price, and stealthy look.

Why this kit: Unlike most front mount intercooler kits, you will need piping to reach your turbo or throttle body. KHARtunerz unique design allows you to keep your stock upper pipes, allowing for a stock/stealth look from up in the engine bay. The KHAR kit comes with 2’’ pipes  that , from the I/C, will clamp right into the factory soft pipes. For this reason, there is no need to go to a larger pipe. Like an exhaust, you are only as big as your smallest diameter. We’ve put into consideration the stock turbo, which, with a tune, should be boosting no more than 18-20 lbs. Larger pipe is not needed at this time.  Not only does this kit work well with the stock turbo and keeps you stealthy, it allows you to save money, since not having to use more pipe and couplers allows us to keep cost down.


Options: Piping and braces will be available in black or silver. Any other color can be done for a small fee. Intercooler will be in black or Chrome, with or without the KHAR logo. Couplers will be available in black, red, and blue.  Future options will also include hard up pipes, and larger diameter pipes.

Price: Estimated to be around 550.

Personal Thoughts: I eventually want to do several “Real” tests on this kit like Intake Air Temp with and without this intercooler, dyno numbers before and after, etc. For now, this is more of a write up based on install and feel. The install is basic and simple. Anybody who can take of the front bumper will be able to install this with little to no issue. Because This was the prototype, some bumper shaving was required, but it should be eliminated or minimal (as was mine) with the new version. The car feels like it can actually BREATH!  I can’t say this enough. The car feels as though it’s letting out a few more ponies and a bit more torque. Obviously, I’ll need some dyno numbers to prove it, but going from stock, to this kit, back to stock, and then back to this kit, I can really feel a difference. I have basic bolt on mods. No injectors, no tune.

I will keep you all updated as this kit continues to go into production and further testing.


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Why hasn’t Alex signed?

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The 49ers have expressed interest in Alex Smith’s return, and Alex has also stated that he wants to return, even if it’s only a three year contract.

This subject has been discussed with many different reasoning’s as to why Smith has yet to sign. Smith obviously didn’t sign right away because he wanted to see what the market was for quarterbacks. Not that he has the intention to sign with a different team, because although some teams may be interested in him, the market wont be so strong. Teams are better off trying slightly tested quarterbacks rather than unaccomplished veterans. (i.e last year Kevin Kolb, this year Matt Flynn.)

Smith could make the case that he deserves better than Mark Sanchez money, although, if you ask me, the Jets just made a huge mistake in paying a player a bunch of money after a horrible season. Don’t tell me that Mark led the team to two AFC Championship games, because he didn’t. He might have played well in the playoffs, but the defense carried that team both years, and the 49ers could say the same about Smith this year.

My opinion?

Although Smith says he doesn’t care about the length of the contract (we’re most likely looking at a 3 year deal) he probably wants more secured money. But why? He has already renegotiated his contract before to take less money, so that he can prove himself. One would think that Smith isn’t the kind of guy looking to strike it rich, especially after only one season of good play. My belief is that, now with a full off-season, ota’s, and minicamps, Colin Kaepernick could be posing a threat to Smiths job.  Jim Harbaugh says that it is the second year that teams can make the biggest jump, and it has been said that quarterbacks are determined by their third year. So with a full offseason, playbook memorized, and better receivers, it’s easy to see why Kaepernick could make a strong push for the starting job. It wasn’t long ago that Smith lost the starting job to career backup quarterback Sean Hill, and although Singleterry was the coach in those years (hurts me just to remember) I doubt the whole team had disagreed upon his quarterback decision. Aside from Vernon Davis, Smith’s wide receivers (see M. Crabtree) have not been too excited about Smiths passing abilities. When asked if a quarterback should be signed with the 30th overall pick this year, newly extended OLB Ahmad Brooks said the 49ers should take a qb, if he is the best player available in the draft at 30. That’s not showing a lot of faith in the quarterback who “led” your team to the NFC Championship game this year.

My money is on that, if Harbaugh really believe Smith is his guy, then Smith WILL return. Who better to analyze a quarterback than a probowl qb himself?

I have complete faith in Harbaugh and Baalke, that they will get the guy they want. Unless the guy they want is Smith and is asking way too much . ( 49ers will not pay more than what they value for a player.) So far in free agency, we have kept our starting defense in tact, and made some good solid moves.

Here’s to the beginning of the new (football) year!




The 49ers have no officially entered the Manning sweepstakes. On Friday the media found out that Manning actually threw for Coach Harbaugh and OC  Greg Roman on Tuesday. Manning must have thrown well, because the next day the Niners sent a doctor to give Manning a physical.  It’s a mystery why it took 3 days to find this out. Manning’s best opportunity to win a Superbowl is with the 49ers. The question is, will he take a pay cut to do so? Denver currently can offer the most money…

My Recovery

Posted: February 8, 2012 in 49ers

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I’ve been home sick the last two weeks with pneumonia and several other flu like symptoms. I was most likely affected by pneumonia while supporting my beloved Niners in the NFC Championship game. Would I do it all over again? Yes.


I’m glad to say that I am finally feeling better.  The doctor says my lungs still sound like crap, and that I need another week of rest before I can even consider going back to work. (He still wants to run x-rays after this week.) But the fact is I am finally feeling better. I’ve lost 15 lbs and still do not have an appetite, but who’s to say I don’t look better because of it?


Anyways, enough about me, and more about our 49ers!


Today Ray McDonald was arrested on an outstanding warrant dating back to 2010.  Here is the information I found thanks to CamInman



Also other 49ers News is that Alex Smith will be caddying for Jim Harbaugh on Thursday in the golf PRO-AM. Smith was invited to play but has other obligations for the weekend. Alex and Jim were partners on Tuesday for 5 holes where they played against Dwight Clark (who eventually won the small tournament) and other players of the SF Giants baseball team. Jim Harbaugh then made it known that he, along with the decision makers in the organization, are making it their number one priority to sign Alex.


Ok, well I have to take my antibiotics now and get some rest. I guess that means playing some skyrim for an hour or two.

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

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In just under six hours, the rematch of Super Bowl XLII between Tom Brady’s Patriots and Eli Manning’s Giant’s will be on its way. The two teams are completely different from that 2007 season. Eli Manning is playing at a lot higher level, and the Giant’s team in general is just as hot as can be. Brady’s Patriots on the other hand, might be entering this game remembering the big slice of humble pie that was served to them 4 years ago in that almost undefeated season.


When it comes to the Super Bowl, I’ve always gone for the team with LESS Super Bowls rings. Simply because I do not like other teams catching up to my Niners. Yeah, that’s a little messed up, but it’s the way I feel. With that said, I’m still rooting for Brady in this one. It has nothing to do with the fact that the Giants defeated the Niners a couple weeks ago to make it to SBXLVI. I simply think it’s time for Brady to join the ranks for Montana and Bradshaw. Brady is a great story and I hope he gets this ring. It may be the last time he gets this opportunity. Had he won in 2008, I would definitely be pulling for Eli.


Now, we know that the Giants have a better pass rush and overall defense that the Patriots, and I believe this will be the difference in the game. If the Giants can keep Brady on  his toes and keep him seeing pass rushing ghosts, (just like they did in 08), then they have a very good shot of coming away with the W. In the end though, I think Brady’s O-Line will do just enough to keep him upright, allowing him to throw a couple of TD’s. Another X factor in this game will be Benjarves Green-Ellis. If he can get the Patriot’s running game going today, it will allow for a lot more play action passes for Brady, which will be a big danger for the Giants.

On the other side of the ball, the Giants offense must continue to play lights out. Eli has to continue to play elite. Victor Cruz has to have a big game. If Cruz is not on the ball today, it will be easier for the Patriots to shut down Manningham and Nicks. In my opinion, the Giants haven’t ran the ball well enough this season to be considered a big threat. Eli has to play well.


My prediction:    Patriots 24-23

Who’s got it better than us?

Posted: February 2, 2012 in 49ers

Niner Faithful everywhere know the phrase all too well, and after a devastating home loss in the NFC Championship against the NY Giants, it’s easy to say that the Giants have it better. I am not the kind of guy that likes to lose, never have been and never will. It’s always harder to forget the game you lost, than remember the ones you’ve won. Even though the only way I could’ve helped my team win was by shouting my lungs out (and I literally did, returning from the game with a nice dose of pneumonia) I still felt that there should’ve been more that I could’ve done, somehow, to help the team win. If that way of helping is by blogging and getting more Faithful support, then so be it! Let the blogging begin!

The Championship game has been reviewed and beaten to death, so I’m not going to talk about it. My heart is still recovering. I never watched the game although I recorded it, and I was probably on TV a couple of times having great endzone seats, but still, the pain is too much to bare. It’s the same reason why I haven’t even flipped to tune onto NFL Network. These last two weeks have almost been as bad as the non-stop Tebow talk weeks.

So what is there to talk about right now? The main focus for those of us not really interested in the SuperBowl would have to be the the draft and free agency.

I believe we’ll make a bigger splash this year in free agency, mostly by re-signing our own FA’s. We have a low draft pick this year, so I’m not as hyped about the draft as I have been in previous years, but I guess this is a good thing. Obviously one of our thinner positions is wide receiver.  Unfortunately, Michael Crabtree showed he’s not as elite as we had hoped. Not being able to break away from Webster the whole game is unacceptable for a true number 1 receiver. I like Crabtree for our number 2, mostly because I do not want my hard earned money go to waste. (Last time I buy a first round pick jersey in their rookie season)

So I went a little off topic. Expect this a lot from me.

Back to the topic, who’s got it better than us?

Look at the teams that were in the playoffs. The 49ers were one of the youngest teams, with a first year coach, and no offseason. The Ram’s picked up Fischer and the Cards have the WIZ, the Nfc West shouldn’t be a joke anymore, and we’re primed to make a splash for years to come. So really, Nobody has it better than us.

NOOOBOOODDYYYY!!!    <—————– yes, I am this cliche